Lutron Electronics and ERI are proud to introduce Vive™, a revolutionary, cost effective wireless lighting control solution for new and existing commercial buildings. The wireless capabilities allow the flexibility to design and expanding the system at any time. This also makes installation much quicker, reducing labor time by up to 70%. Setup is as simple as pushing a button and using your smart device, which means no factory setup required. Monitor, adjust, and maintain your system from any smart device, but if you do need help ERI and Lutron’s service team is always available. Like all Lutron lighting control solutions, Vive helps buildings meet the latest energy codes and standards while saving up to 60% or more on lighting energy.

  • Scalable building solutions help companies meet budgets
  • Wireless installation means less labor and minimal disruptions
  • Clear Connect® Wireless band (434MHz) is a patented, ultra-reliable frequency which avoids interference
  • Monitor, adjust, and manage the system from any smart device
  • No factory setup required, but available if needed
  • Designer+ for Vive is an intuitive, easy to use design software tool
  • Switching, 0-10v, and digital control capabilities

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Vive System